I am a freelance journalist and writer specialising in cycling, sport, adventure and travel.

I spent four years attempting to forge a career as a professional cyclist; living in Belgium, racing across Europe, and slowly climbing the hierarchy of teams and races on the continental circuit. The 2013 season proved to be my last as a dedicated racing cyclist, but the stars aligned to allow my exit from the sport, at least as a serious participant, to be a happy one.

My blog and diary maintenance over the years proved to be somewhat of a catalyst in developing an inclination to write though, with the resulting blend of experiences leading me down a path of research, documentation, and even a little lighthearted opinion.

Since launching my metamorphosed career, my work has been published in a host of national magazines, as well as online for various media outlets. I have also recently taken leadership of Cycling Weekly’s franchise column, ‘Brits Abroad’, which follows the progress of young British riders racing abroad.

The experiences gained from spending time inside the peloton have given me both insight and knowledge into a multitude of aspects regarding cycle sport; from the practical, to the emotional, political , and downright trivial. But my interests outside of bike riding have also granted an understanding of the cultural, historical and philosophical bearings that the sport takes too, and I hope this combination characterises my portfolio.

I’m also a part time student with the Open University, currently studying “Introducing the Social Sciences”, with a long term view of a BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics.



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